Check easily who view your facebook profile

Track Facebook profile visitors.

Many people out there asks themselves without getting proper solutions on how to track their profile visitors. For some past years, I also tried hard to get the proper solution for this but i ended up downloading a bunch of Applications which didn't satisfied me at all because most of them didn't work properly. I guess u also had ever come across some of those Applications. Well, Let's not take up much of our time and go directly to the answer on "how can i track my Facebook profile viewers"
how to track facebook profile viewers Officially, Facebook haven't released the official method on how to track these people who view your profile, So the method below is just a tricky way on how to solve and answer the question which is asked by very many Facebook users.

You never Know who is interested in your profile. It might be your Lover, Family member, Close Friend Or your Ex.. or sometimes it may be Those haters who are planning to Hack your Account by using Brute Forces (So their interest of getting access to your Account will be achieved by having your basic information like Birth date, hobbies, FB friends list and relatives).

At the end of this lesson you'll be good enough at using this Fb tips by being able to know "who visited your facebook profile the most" without downloading any Application .

Follow these Steps on how to track Facebook profile visitors easily .

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook Account first .
Step 2: Click on home to be at default/home page
Step 3: Press CTRL+U to open Facebook source code in a new window ( you can also do it by Right Click >> Open Source Code)
Step 4: press CTRL+F to open search Tab.
Step 5: Search for this line of "InitialChatFriendsList" you will see many numbers below the search query, now those are what we call Facebook user ID.
You can also see them on the image belowtrack-facebook-profile-viewers-source-code
Step 6: Now you can pick up any Facebook profile ID and replace the word Paste-the-ID-here in the link below www.facebook.com/Paste-the-ID-here and paste the whole URL in the browser to see who was visiting your profile.

This solution is the latest one and it is 100% working!

If you have any Question about this post feel free and contact me . Thank You .

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