Get Free Traffic From twitter for your blog/website

Please follow the steps for get unlimited free web traffic from twitter .

  1. make twitter account first .
  2. go to twitter.com
  3. fill the profile and make twitter account .
  4. confirm your twitter email.
  5. complete profile on twitter .
  6. follow some person .
  7. update a status on twitter with your blog/website link .
  8. get many followers for good traffic .

Twitter is very close to 300 million active users at last count
88% of Twitter users are on mobile
500 million tweets per day
92% of all interaction with tweets are done via link clicks

follow step for make your twitter account 100% active 

1. change egg

change egg picture upload your own picture .

2. attractive headlines

create attractive headline for twitter post for get good quality blog/website traffic .

3. tweeting enough

Twitter is all about tweet . It is also not an email inbox. So you need to tweet often. Keep feeding the stream and keep tossing content into the Twitter torrent.

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just follow simple steps and you get 100% positive result .
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