Easy Remove shortcut virus without antivirus

shortcut virus

So lately the most common virus infecting the removable storage device is shortcut virus (that is what I like to call it). It creates small .exe or .lnk(windows shortcut) files of the folder in your removable storage device like pendrives and memory cards. So in this post I will tell you how to remove these kind of virus. So lets remove shortcut virus now

remove shortcut virus easy

So I managed to infect my pendrive with the virus it was easy I just insert into my brothers PC i.e. my test PC :D. So we got a the shortcut of every item I had in my pendrive.

Annoying right. It opens normally but its not actually my folder. But where did all my folder go? When I check the properties of my pendrive it shows that it has same size as it was before.


So I just opened “Folder Option” and unchecked “Hide the Protected System Files” and selected “Show Hidden Files“

And I i got all my folder and files.
So basically the virus hide my files as they were system files.
There is a command that let user to give those kind of attributes to files and folder “attrib”
Open a “Command Prompt“
And Select the drive which got infected mine is “F:\” (Just type F: and enter)
Then use this command “attrib -h -s -i /s /d”
Command Breakdown :-
-h : remove hidden attribute from the file/folder
-s : remove system file attribute from the file/folder
-i : remove non-index file attribute from the file/folder
/s : process all files
/d : process folders as well
Before you run these command be sure to delete all the shortcuts and scan your pendrive with a antivirus. There are many variant of the virus some makes .exe files, some make a separate folder and put everything inside it and link it with the shortcuts or exe. Be sure to check your files by following the 1st step and then running the command. If you are infected with this virus then you wont be able to do the above steps follow these steps in safe mode. And remember always disable autoplay from control panel as most of the virus infect your computer with autoplay and always open your pendrive with right clicking and selecting “Open” option.

And its always good to use some antivirus software(ie. Kaspersky Antivirus)

i think this post will help you to remove shortcut virus from your computer please subscribe this website to get more information & Tips . THANK YOU .
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