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A large number of people use Google every day to find local businesses, and they can find your site/blog if it is registered for Google Local Business. One of the best parts about Google Local Business is that these search results are typically displayed above the rest of the normal search results. *This is great if you’re trying to incorporate a little bit of SEO as well.

When you submit your website to Google Local Business (Google Places), it is eligible to rank in the local business section. This section is displayed before the organic search results, toward the top of Google. For example, I did a search for: “Online Job Nepal” Local business search is displayed just below the sponsored link section, with a map inserted to the left of the listings.

Even if we have a new website/blog and we wish to promote it in local region, Google Place is a perfect tool to show our business right on top in search engine results. And even if your website is targeting a bigger area, you can always list it in local listing to improve your website ranking.
List your website on Google Places. It's Free From - http://www.google.com/places

List your website and grow your business .

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